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“Already But Not Yet” Chord Sheets

He Is Risen

Look Ye Saints

Christ Is Coming, Let Creation

Come, Lord Jesus, to Redeem Us

Upon this Mount _Isaiah 25

There Is a Fountain

“Already But Not Yet” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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“Already But Not Yet” Giveaway

Josh Cousineau recently reviewed my CD and is giving away two copies over at his blog. Check it out, maybe you’ll win a copy!

And yes… “Already but Not Yet” is finally available on iTunes!!!!

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Pray for Dr. Gary Parrett

Please pray for my good friend, Dr. Gary Parrett (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).  Dr. Parrett was seriously injured on July 3 in a tragic bus accident in South Korea where 12 passengers died. Since then, he has been fighting for his life and has yet to regain consciousness. His wife and daughter have been by his side in the hospital in South Korea, and they have been relaying updates on his condition and prayer requests nearly every day, here.

The most recent update is that he was successfully transferred halfway around the world to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston just yesterday! His wife and daughter arrived today and shared this news:

Hi everyone!

My mom and I arrived in Massachusetts this morning and spent most of the day with my dad at the hospital.  He is doing very well, although he’s still a little bit groggy from the medicine he’s been given the past few days to help him sleep.

The doctors here at MGH have mentioned their plan of moving him either to a regular ward or a nearby rehab hospital very soon–maybe even tomorrow.  His body is stable, so they think that it would best to start rehab as soon as possible.   Please pray that the doctors would make the best decision for my dad’s care and that my dad’s brain would continue to recover!

Thank you so much for your prayers, especially as all of us traveled.  We have been so blessed by God’s unfailing love and grace!

Please pray for God’s healing of Dr. Parrett and Spirit’s comfort for his family. May you also be encouraged by the words of Gary’s hymn “Come, Lord Jesus to Redeem Us”.

Come, Lord Jesus, to redeem us

from our foes and from our fears.

We await the hand of mercy

that will wipe away our tears.

We have labored long in darkness,

even now our hearts grow weak.

How we long for your appearing

and your great salvation seek.

(Rev. 21:4; Rom. 8:23; 2Tim. 4:8)

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“Already But Not Yet” CD Release

I am overjoyed to announce that my CD “Already But Not Yet” is now available! Overjoyed by the hope that God will use these songs to encourage many people and churches. Overjoyed to contribute to the hymn-renewal movement that the Spirit is using to revive the Church. Overjoyed to exalt the true Redeemer!

“Already But Not Yet” tells a story–God’s story of Redemption through King Jesus. And each song moves the story forward from Christ’s Cross, Resurrection, and Exaltation to our life of Exile and Prayer, and finally to the celebration in the New Creation. Already redemption has been accomplished. But not yet completed. We await the Return of the King!

Song Titles

1. He is Risen (Resurrection)

2. Look! Ye Saints (Exaltation)

3. Christ is Coming (Exile)

4. Come, Lord Jesus, to Redeem Us (Prayer)

5. Upon this Mount–Isaiah 25:6-9 (New Creation)

6. There is a Fountain (Our Theme)

CDs are now available to purchase at BullMoose Music (Windham and Portland) and will soon be available for download at ITunes.

For mail orders please mail a check to Joshua Otte |973 River Rd |Windham, ME 04062. $7ea or 2 for $10. Just add $3 shipping (up to 4 CDs). Add $0.50 for additional CDs. If you have any questions email me (eucatastrophe101 at yahoo dot com) until the website is launched! Thanks!

UPDATE. Please check out my Facebook Music Page. Listen to the tracks, leave a note, tell your friends!

UPDATE. Please check out my Facebook Music Page. Listen to the tracks, leave a note, tell your friends!


Songs of Redemption Project

I’m super pumped to announce that I’ll be in the studio this week recording a  6 song EP. The songs include…

  • “There is a Fountain” (William Cowper)
  • “He is Risen!” (Eric Schumacher)
  • “Come Lord Jesus to Redeem Us” (Gary Parrett)
  • “Upon this Mount (Isaiah 25:6-9) (Gary Parrett)
  • “Look Ye Saints the Sight is Glorious”(Thomas Kelly)
  • “Christ is Coming! Let Creation” (John R. MacDuff)

Each of these songs build the theme of Redemption from Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension to our waiting for his return and our celebration of his return. This is an exciting project not only for me but also for our music team, our church and Jesus’ Church everywhere because the end result will be more Truth-saturated music in the ears, hearts and minds of many!


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“By Thy Mercy” New Acoustic CD by Indelible Grace

One of my favorite sources of music for not only gathered worship but also driving down the road is Indelible Grace. And the cool news is that they just released a new, acoustic CD, “By Thy Mercy”! The men and women of Indelible Grace take old, forgotten and oft times neglected hymns and write new arrangements and melodies. You can be sure all their songs are truth-saturated, God-centered, and Christ-exalting.

You can check it out here at AmazonMP3.

You can preview the 10 tracks, too:

  1. By Thy Mercy [feat. Matthew Smith]
  2. Jesus Lord We Look To Thee [feat. Jason Feller]
  3. A Prayer For The Broken Hearted [feat. Chelsey Scott]
  4. Rock Of Ages When The Day Seems Long [feat. Mp Jones]
  5. Greater Than Our Hearts [feat. Matthew Smith]
  6. Salvation To The Lamb [feat. Emily Deloach]
  7. Hallelujah Praise Jehovah [feat. Jeremy Casella]
  8. Great God From Thee [feat. Andrew Osenga]
  9. My God My Father Blissful Name [feat. Justin Smith]
  10. Lo The Storms Of Life Are Breaking [feat. Sandra McCracken]

HT Vit Z

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Antoine Dufour “Trilogie”

Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour are two of my favorite guitarists. McKee is  a bit famous-er, but I am equally amazed and delighted by Dufour’s music.  Listen to the whole piece–stunningly beautiful!


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Coldplay “Lost” Cover by The Wrecking

Both of their covers, “Lost” and “Get on Your Boots” are also availble on ITunes, now.

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U2 “Get On Your Boots” Cover by the Wrecking

Here’s my dilemma.

I love U2 and can’t wait for their new album, No Line on the Horizon. It’s not available yet.

I love The Wrecking and can’t wait for their new album. It’s not available yet.

Here’s my solution.

The Wrecking covering U2’s “Get on Your Boots.”

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Wicked-Good Sovereign Grace Music and Book Sale

Bob Kauflin just announced Sovereign grace is having another wicked-good sale this February.

From February 1–28, at the Sovereign Grace store, you’ll find these prices:

  • Sovereign Grace books (23 of them, including Worship Matters, Worldliness, and Living the Cross Centered Life): $7 each
  • All CDs produced by Sovereign Grace Music (including Together for the Gospel Live, Psalms, Come Weary Saints, Awesome God, In a Little While, and Valley of Vision): $6 each

Plus there’s free shipping in the continental US (library rate) and serious discounts for international orders too.


Because the people of Sovereign Grace know how that a bad economy is not a good enough excuse for people to stop listening to and reading God-centered resources.

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