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Zion’s Pilgrim

“A captive here, and far from home,
For Zion’s sacred courts I sigh:
“There the ransomed nations come,
And see the Savior ‘eye to eye.’

“While here, I walk on hostile ground;
The few that I can call my friends
Are, like myself, with fetters bound,
And weariness my path attends.

“But we shall soon behold the day
When Zion’s children shall return;
Our sorrows then shall flee away,
And we shall never, never mourn.

“The hope that such a day will come
Makes e’en the captive’s portion sweet;
Though now we’re distant far from home
In Zion soon we all shall meet.”

Help Heavenward, by Octavius Winslow

HT Matthew Blair

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N.T. Wright and the Colbert Report

Catch Biblical scholar extraordinaire, N.T. Wright, being interviewed by political satirist, Stephen Colbert, on the Colbert Report, here.  Wright and Colbert start their surprisingly non-political interchange about the New Heavens and New Earth right after a chat with Cookie Monster…about 10:30 into the episode.

Wright takes on the sub-biblical notion that the point of Christianity is to die and go to heaven. Nope! Christians don’t die and go to heaven…at least not ultimately. Christians die, go to heaven and THEN go to the New Heavens and New Earth! (read Revelation!)

HT: Justin Taylor