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Discovery of Fire and the Gospel

This is why I love Jared Wilson:

Isn’t the good news like fire? Isn’t hearing it and believing in it a precious, wondrous, life-changing event? It’s startling, confusing, exhilarating in the joy of first sight of something we’ve ever longed for. It gives heat never had, warmth never felt, makes everything taste better. Don’t we dance to discover it, hoot and holler over its newness, its blazing, dangerous beauty?

Don’t we want to light many more fires with it, touching torches and lanterns and taking them everywhere cold and dark? Don’t we want to take this fire and immolate those frozen memorials to flameless promisers of fire? Don’t we want to light up the world with this wonderful elemental stuff?

Don’t we?

I know I sure do!

Lord, cause many in New England and beyond to discover the fire of the gospel of Jesus the Messiah!

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The Church is God’s Wonderful Mess

“The church is not a theological classroom. It is a conversion, confession, repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness, and sanctification center, where flawed people place their trust in Christ, gather to know and love him better and learn to love others as he has designed. The church is messy and inefficient, but it is God’s wonderful mess–the place where he radically transforms hearts and lives.”

–Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, p. 116


Taking a Compliment without Robbing God

Christians and compliments have a very odd relationship. We really don’t know how to give them or take them.

Some of us are afraid of giving compliments because we fear we might somehow inflate someone’s ego. So we feel the need to preface our encouragement with something like…”I don’t want this to give you a big head…but you did a good job today”.

But most of us just feel awkward taking compliments. Should we simply say “Thank you”? Should we give the “humble” reply “Ah shucks…it was nothing.”

Although writing primarily for leaders of gathered worship and musicians, Bob Kauflin, of Worship Matters, offers some wise, biblical counsel applies to all of us who seek to take and give compliments without robbing God of the glory that He alone deserves.

Read the whole thing, here.