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Santa Christ?

From a post by Sinclair Ferguson.

“The Western world gives itself over annually to its Claus-mass or commerce-mass. We celebrate a reworked pagan Saturnalia of epic proportions, one in which the only connection with the incarnation is semantic. Santa is worshiped, not the Savior; pilgrims go to the stores with credit cards, not to the manger with gifts. It is the feast of indulgence, not of the incarnation.

It is always easier to lament and critique the new paganism of secularism’s blatant idolatry than to see how easily the church — and we ourselves — twist or dilute the message of the incarnation in order to suit our own tastes. But, sadly, we have various ways of turning the Savior into a kind of Santa Claus.”

Read the whole thing.

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You Might Be Too Busy If…

Recently, I came across Tim Chester’s book, The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness. Well I haven’t happened to read it yet, because…well, I’m too busy! So instead I opted for the article version “Slow Down, I Want to Get Off.” He starts off with a series of reality-check questions. See how well you do…

  1. Have you ever been irritated because there was a queue at the supermarket till?
  2. Do you regularly work thirty minutes a day longer than your contracted hours?
  3. Do you check work emails and phone messages at home?
  4. Has anyone ever said to you: ‘I didn’t want to trouble you because I know how busy you are’?
  5. Do your family or friends complain about not getting time with you?
  6. If tomorrow evening was unexpectedly freed up, would you use it to work or do a household chore?
  7. Do you often feel tired during the day or do your find your neck and shoulders aching?
  8. Do you often exceed the speed limit while driving?

Here’s my score: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Not so much. How did you do? Probably not much better! Well unless you answered “Nope” on all eight, you should read the whole article.  The sad truth is that many of us (functionally) believe that “busyness is next to godliness” or that “if you’re not tired then you’re not worthwhile!”

Chester goes on… Read the rest of this entry »


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The Wrecking goes national with “A New Abolition” CD

Celebrations are in order!

Huge congratulations to the Wrecking on their national release of their CD “A New Abolition.” Today,  August 19 their CD goes nationwide and you can buy it at or

If you’re local you can buy the CD and show your support on Saturday for an in-store concert at Bullmoose, in Windham! Let’s show them our love and support by packing the house! Congratulations Doug, Joe, Darren, and Karl–and to your families!!!! You guys rock and we love you!

Also, be sure to check out their music video “In Your Eyes” promoting Love 146, a special ministry devoted to abolishing child trafficking and exploitation. It.Is.Powerful. Also, also find out what CCM magazine is saying about the Wrecking, here.

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Family Vacation

My family and I are going on vacation for two weeks! Thank God that most of the snow is finally gone now and my friend’s camp is no longer snowbound.

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, work or vacation…do all to the glory of God!


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Zechariah’s First Birthday

Zechariah turned 1 year old, today–January 14, 2008!!! We’ve had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends and playing with some of his new toys and in the freshly fallen snow. We can hardly believe it’s been a year already since Zeke was born, and we are constantly amazed by how much joy God has brought into our life through our son. He’s almost walking and is curious about absolutely everything.

Here are some picture that I know will brighten your day. Enjoy!

“This is my first time playing in the snow.”

“Me and daddy!”

“Literally, just chillin’.”

“Help, I can’t get out!”

“That’s a beautiful tree…too bad I can’t touch it.”

“A family portrait. I make them look good.”

“Once again, I got in here myself, but I can’t get out!”

“Walking…it’s not as easy as it looks.”

“Mommy’s helping open my birthday presents.”

“This is so much fun. I like birthdays.”

“If i smile, do I get some cake?”


“I’ve got to pace myself.”

“Who needs a fork when you’ve got fingers?!”

“Indeed this was finger-licking good.”

“Driver, bring me around the house one more time. It’s my birthday!”


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Fall Photos

Back by popular demand…more pictures of Zechariah!

He loves shoulder rides, especially patting my head!

Zeke’s first guitar lesson.

He’s one fast crawler!

The two most beautiful people on earth!

Out for a stroll in Naples.

“Listen to this song I just made up!”


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More Zeke!

Yeah we can’t get enough of him either! Here’s a bunch of pics of Zechariah. Everything from just relaxing in the lazyboy, to hanging with Grandpa O., to his first feeding of rice cereal…and prunes!

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