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Is “Missional” a Movement?

After offering sharing some great quotes overheard at the VERGE conference, Jonathan Dodson concludes

Something is happening. Maybe it will result in a movement, maybe not. It depends on us…depending on the Spirit. It will require an absolute shift from mission at leisure to mission as lifestyle. But this missional movement will die out, burn out, and go nowhere if we aren’t continually brought to repentance and faith in Christ ourselves, over and over again, for our idolatry of mission and indifference to mission. May Christ be more precious than mission, but may mission be more precious than our very own lives.



Lead09 Audio Available Online

The audio and video for Lead09 is being uploaded this week, here. God is advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ through his Church, scattered throughout New England!


The Cure for “I’m too busy!”

C.J. Mahaney’s 17 posts on “Biblical Productivity” are now available in a handy-dandy 36 page PDF, here. If you find yourself ever thinking “I’m just too busy!” then this article is for you.  These posts have tons of good time-management ideas and much more. You’ll be challenged and equipped to determine your God-given roles in life so that you can then identity key, theologically-driven goals that will shape your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule.

Since God is the only one who ever gets his “To-Do” list done every day, we should listen to what he says! And C.J. provides a good summary of God’s timely-wisdom.

For those of you who’d prefer to read online…here are all the posts.

Biblical Productivity

1. Are You Busy?

2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator

3. The Procrastinator Within

4. Just Do It

5. In All Thy Ways

6. The Sluggard

7. Time. Redeemed.

8. Roles, Goals, Scheduling

9. Roles (Part 1)

10. Roles (Part 2)

11. Goals (Part 1)

12. Goals (Part 2)

13. Goals (Part 3)

14. Goals (Part 4)

15. Scheduling the Unexpected

16. The To-Do Lists Are Never Done

17. Self-Sufficient


Tim Keller’s Preaching to the Heart…FREE!

Well sort of.

Normally Keller’s uber-good “Preaching to the Heart” series from Gordon-Conwell goes for about $40. Worth every penny, too. We use his talks for equipping our leaders. They’ve shown us what “gospel-centered preaching” looks like and how to actually do it.

But wait. There’s more!

It just so happens that the two lectures on “Preaching to the Heart” that he gave at Oak Hill College are available to download for free. So if you’re looking for the abridged version and some mp3’s you can give away to you leaders and post on your blog/website, here you go.

> Lecture 1 (19.5Mb)
> Lecture 2 (21.1.Mb)

HT: Tim Chester

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Tim Keller’s Preaching Equation and your first 200 sermons

Every preacher wants to preach well, right?! But how many sermons does it take? According to Tim Keller…200! That’s right, two hundred, 200, 100+100=200, 2-0-0!  I first heard this during a Q&A session in his series “Preaching to the Heart”, where Keller was asked how much time a preacher should devote to sermon prep:

I don’t believe you should spend a lot of time preparing your sermon, when you’re a younger minister. I think because we are so desperately want our sermon to be good, that when you’re younger you spend way too much time preparing. And, you know, its scary to say this to the younger ministers… you’re not going to be much better by putting in twenty hours on that sermon – the only way you’re going to be a better preacher is if you preach often. For the first 200 sermons, not matter what you do, your first 200 sermons are going to be terrible. (laughter from the crowd). And, if you put in… fifteen or twenty hours in the sermon you probably won’t preach that many sermons because you won’t last in ministry, because your people will feel neglected.

However, this can be disheartening if you don’t preach often (I’m not even close to 200)! But it shouldn’t be. Being a faithful pastor definitely means being a diligent, Christ-centered exegete in the study and a Spirit-empowered preacher in the pulpit. But being a faithful pastor also includes preaching the gospel to people throughout the week–

  • as you visit the sick in the hospital,
  • as you counsel those who belive sin is bigger and better than God,
  • as you equip leaders to build a gospel community,
  • as you pray with an unexpected drop-in.

Speaking from experience, young pastors can wrongly view these as “interuptions” from the “real ministry”, i.e. sermon preparation. No doubt we all need help with biblical productivity. But let’s not be fooled into thinking ministry would be great if it were’nt for all those people! Love your people, know your people, spend time preaching the gospel to your people throughout the week. You’ll be a better preacher on Sunday.

On a funnier note, just last month one our elders applied the “Keller equation” to his own life and shared his results during his sermon. We’ve got to get this guy preaching on a regular rotation! Check it out.

Keller’s thought was to help a young pastor not to have unrealistic expectations at the beginning of his ministry. This has helped me to relax more than Mark [our lead pastor] realizes. My last Sunday morning sermon was approximately 30 years ago. Therefore by my calculations I won’t become proficient at it for another 5970 years. Boy, does that help me not to have unrealistic expectations. But remember that when we are weak God is strong. In this confidence I’m hopeful.

Scott is right, Keller’s advice is both humbling and encouraging. While it may take him nearly 6000 years, he’s not going to give up, and more importantly he’s going to trust in God who has spoken and who empowers.

Still, if you’re interested, here’s the equation. How long will it take you?

( __ years divided by __ sermons) x 200 = ____ years until you preach good sermons!

Thank you, Tim Keller.


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(Gathered) Worship Band Workshop

I’ve been brushing up on my guitar technique a bit lately by using Paul Baloche’s Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar DVDs. They’re a great tool to promote undistracting excellence whether play in a band or or if you are the band! Well worth the 30 bucks.

Thankfully, Mr. Baloche has also been kind enough to post two clips from his Worship Band Workshop DVD on his Youtube channel. I plan on showing them to our music team soon (as well as spamming their email with the links until they finally watch them). Not only does he explain how to layer a song and build dynamics, Baloche shows you. And he does it well. Enjoy!


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