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Santa Christ?

From a post by Sinclair Ferguson.

“The Western world gives itself over annually to its Claus-mass or commerce-mass. We celebrate a reworked pagan Saturnalia of epic proportions, one in which the only connection with the incarnation is semantic. Santa is worshiped, not the Savior; pilgrims go to the stores with credit cards, not to the manger with gifts. It is the feast of indulgence, not of the incarnation.

It is always easier to lament and critique the new paganism of secularism’s blatant idolatry than to see how easily the church — and we ourselves — twist or dilute the message of the incarnation in order to suit our own tastes. But, sadly, we have various ways of turning the Savior into a kind of Santa Claus.”

Read the whole thing.

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Lead 09 Conference: Tim Chester is coming to Maine

Free Total Church book if you register today this week!!!

My church is partnering with Atmosphere Church to host a conference October 9-10 that we hope God will use to bring about gospel renewal throughout Maine, New England and beyond. It’s called Lead ’09 and the theme is Gospel, Community and Mission.  This two-day conference is a call to each of us and our churches to take Jesus seriously–to radically reshape our lives around the gospel word so that we can truly be his gospel community on God’s mission.

Our two speakers are both God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent leaders who teach the Word of God  faithfully with passion, humility and urgency.  Tim Chester is a writer, Bible teacher and church planter in Sheffield, UK. An author of many books, Tim is also the co-author of Total Church, a biblically-rich book on what it means to BE the church. Jonathan Dodson is the lead pastor of Austin City Life in Austin, TX. His articles have often blessed our church family, especially “Fight Club” and “Anger: the image of Satan.” On a personal note, Jonathan is a treasured friend. Having served with him in both the local church and in global missions, I can tell you without hesitation that you will be blessed by his teaching.

You can find out more and register, here.


How Will You Preach the Gospel in THIS Kind of world?

Bob Dylan didn’t have a clue how right he was when he croaked…“The times they are a-changin’.” The world we live in is morphing at a staggering rate. But. There is one thing that will never change–the gospel. And we are to be ready in season and out of season (1 Timothy4:2) to announce life’s only essential message. Take a second to get connected with the reality of our hyper-changing world and ask God for wisdom to faithfully proclaim his un-changing goodnews.

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“Rambo 4” Viewers Face 10 Years 20 Lashes

“Rambo 4” viewers face 10 years 20 lashes for watching Rambo 4…that is of course if you watch it in Myanmar!

Because Stallone’s last installment of the adventures of John Rambo reveals the darker and truer side of the practically genocidal treatment of Karen and other tribes at the hands of the Burmese army, the tyrannical military regime is cracking down hard on anyone caught watching or in possession of “Rambo 4.”

The word on the street about the movie is that the violence is gratuitous. But having been to Myanmar and having heard stories from refugees who fled the country because of the atrocities done to them and their families, it’s probably not that far from reality. At least the violence perpetrated by the junta, not the Hollywood-ized shock-action of Rambo.

While Rambo 4 may help get the word out about the plight of Karen tribes and the horrific conditions in Myanmar, John Rambo and his relentless bloodshed is not the answer. Rather, the blood shed by the true Rescuer is the only hope for the dark land of the Golden Triangle. May the faithful lives of men and women who trust in and follow Jesus shine brightly there.

And may their testimonies, in life and in death, bear fruit in a church that overcomes evil with good. And may men and women risk their lives for that which is infinitely more valuable than than 90 minute of cinema. May it be said of them…

And they have conquered [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony,
for they loved not their lives even unto death.

Revelation 12:11

Watch Video at

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Miniature Earth…what if there were only 100 of us?!

Our perspective always determines how we think, feel, and act. This short video should make your heart grow more tender, your mind think more purposefully, and your hands act more swiftly. You can watch the video, Miniature-Earth, online or download it to your computer.

The strength of this video is bringing mind-numbing, global statistics down to a workable, impactful number: 100. As I watched, I felt more a part of the global community, that there might be something I could do to make a difference, that I’ve been blessed to be a blessing to others. Watch it and let me know how it impacts you and how it might impact others through you.

Link: Miniature-Earth


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