Honest About Sin, Hopeful About Forgiveness

27 May

I haven’t been blogging much. I’m gearing up for vacation next week and am hoping that a restful week by the lake might reinvigorate my writing.

For now, here are some gospel-musings that I recently shared with my church family.

The gospel frees us to be both brutally honest about our sin and abundantly hopeful about our forgiveness in Jesus Christ.  When we come face to face with the gospel there is no room for denial and there is no room for despair. This prayer from The Valley of Vision fed my soul richly yesterday, and I hope that God might use it to preach the gospel to your soul today.

All things in heaven, earth, around, within and without condemn me—

the sun which sees my misdeeds,

the darkness which is light to You,

the cruel accuser who justly charges me,

the good angels who have been provoked to leave me,

Your countenance which scans my secrete sins,

Your righteous law, Your holy Word,

my sin-soiled conscience, my private and public life,

my neighbors, myself—

all write dark things against me.

I do not deny them, do not excuse them, but confess,

“Father, I have sinned.”

Yet still I live, and fly repenting to Your outstretched arms;

You will not cast me off, for Jesus brings me near,

You will not condemn me, for He died in my place,

You will not mark my mountains of sin, for He leveled all,

And his beauty covers my deformities.

O my God, I bid farewell to sin by clinging to His cross,

Hiding in his wounds, and sheltering in His side.

–adapted from “Divine Mercies” from the Valley of Vision, p. 17

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