Anger and the Image of Satan

20 Feb

What’s an angry person look like?

Well there’s two ways to answer this.

First, look in the mirror. Yep, we are all guilty of sinful anger. My good friend Jonathan Dodson points out in his new article

“You don’t have to be an “angry person” to have a problem with anger. There’s an anger of the garden variety that’s often expressed through complaining, grumpiness, a cutting remark, sulking self-pity, and turbulent frustration.”

Secondly, take a look at Satan. Our sinful anger causes us to look more like Satan than Christ. When our thoughts, actions and words are ruled by anger we bear the image of Satan, not Jesus.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read Jonathan’s gospel-saturated article, Anger: the Image of Satan and I hope you’ll share this with other angry people you know.

My name is Josh. And I have an anger problem….But by God’s grace I have a gospel solution!

The gospel confronts the idol beneath our anger, calls us to soul-sweetening repentance and faith in God’s unwavering commitment to love us and make us new. The gospel of Christ reminds us that Jesus is sufficient for our failures and strong for our successes, promising us the power to change, to bear the image of Christ not the image of Satan.

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Posted by on February 20, 2009 in anger, gospel, idolatry


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