The Seeker and Creator of True Worshippers

17 Jun

This past Sunday I had the privilege of helping my friend, Dave Spencer, by preaching at his home church, CenterPoint, in Concord, NH. Dave and I served together for several years in South Portland when I was the youth pastor there. The sermon was called “The Father: Seeker and Creator of True Worshippers”, and I was actually surprised how appropriate it was for Father’s Day.

Based on John 4:15-30 we saw that our Heavenly Father seeks and creates true worshippers by…

  • Revealing our false worship, 4:15-20
  • Providing the means of true worship, 4:21-24
  • Modeling the mission of true worship, 4, 25-30

So it turns out the greatest Father’s Day present is not the one we give, but the gift our Heavenly Father first gives to us…to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

If you’re interested, you can listen/download the audio here.

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Posted by on June 17, 2008 in biblical theology, missions, worship


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